Confessions of an Academic Pseudo-Giraffe
This giraffe in the upper right hand corner reminds me of something. You know the habit they sometimes have on the sports pages (at least where I come from), in articles on horse races, to attach a picture of a horse - the main character of the story - to the article? It only gets funny when they use a close-up of the horse, with only the animal's head and neck visible in the picture. I've seen this happen. And the picture is accompanied by the horse's name.

I've always understood that the purpose of a newspaper image showing an individual is to give a sense of what that individual looks like, i.e. as opposed to other individuals. How many of us can recognise an individual race horse and distinguish it from other horses when we only see its head (no humans, no number tags, no writing on the sides of the stretch sheet)? Do we think, "Oh, now I know what that horse looks like!" or "Gee, that animal looks oddly familiar - I think I saw him last week"?

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