Confessions of an Academic Pseudo-Giraffe
Back in the north. There was a nice range of things and temperatures to experience in Arizona, from a bit of snowfall by Grand Canyon to genuine heat in Tempe.

The canyon challenges the conventional principles of human perception. It's simply too big to see and take in at once. Standing at the edge of the South Rim, you start to observe a bluish green surface that looks like velvet somewhere close to the bottom, only to understand that the texture and colour have been created by vegetation that's impossible to see. It's too far away. Then you turn around to look at something ten times closer to you and realise it's still too far. You choose a spot that seems to be right next to you, and finally you realise that the tiny dots slowly moving across that area are people, still at least a kilometre away.

A big thank you to our generous hosts in Tempe.

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