Confessions of an Academic Pseudo-Giraffe
I just learned of the existence of a new and brilliant term: dumbassification. This self-explanatory word refers to something that is now everywhere, unavoidably pervading all our lives.

To go one step further, what makes dumbassification dangerous is its ability to assume gradually the status of common sense (i.e. reasoning based on the dominant ideology of society - this is why I'm open to the idea that the phenomenon is at least partly country-specific). In other words, it seems to me that disturbingly widespread naturalisation of dumbassification is plaguing us. Perhaps it stems from the complexity of society's functions (understanding is too ambitious a goal) or from the media (pre-dumbassified content), or maybe the garbage around us, the preservatives, the pollution, the radiation, the gene manipulation, etc. are finally beginning to have a chemical effect on us.

Old Ones
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helmikuuta 2005
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heinäkuuta 2005
elokuuta 2005
syyskuuta 2005
lokakuuta 2005
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