Confessions of an Academic Pseudo-Giraffe
While Kaija is visiting, I have a good chance to listen to the voice of obligation and see what Cleveland officially has to offer before I leave the city in a month. Today we paid a little visit to the Rock'n Roll Museum and Hall of Fame, where consumption of time is the least of anyone's problems. Suggestion: if you ever have a whole day to waste (as I frequently have, for some mysterious reason), go to that place, climb to the fourth floor, settle in front of one of the jukeboxes, and listen to a hundred classic tracks in a row. I believe this is a much more enlightening option than devouring one of those concise book-form histories of rock. I have to add two things, though: I've tried neither option myself, and in principle I'm of the opinion that almost any other topic is easier to exhibit satisfactorily in a museum than music. The founding principles of the western museum seem to demand that the guests' experience be primarily visual. I don't remember ever visiting a museum where you could taste or smell things. Sound and touch I've had, in small doses.

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