Confessions of an Academic Pseudo-Giraffe
The cold is kicking in
Finland - Armenia 3-1. Satisfying. It's gradually getting colder now under the North Star, and the stands at the stadium were shivering below us in +4 C: we clapped our hands and stomped our feet even when nothing particular was happening on the field. Luckily, though, the downpour only started after the final whistle. Afterwards, jogging towards my bike through the bushes to avoid the crowd, I felt that the nation I'm part of has a slightly less homogenous face every day. Our goals had just been scored by two Finns called Shefki Kuqi and Alexei Eremenko. The beauty of the latter's "Beckhamese Banana"... any true football lover will have to forgive a little mental immaturity or short temper for an occasional kick like that. We need a new Litmanen (who wouldn't?), and here's someone who may not quite have the mind but certainly the touch.

Old Ones
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heinäkuuta 2005
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