Confessions of an Academic Pseudo-Giraffe
A rupture is nigh
Things are now happening at an increasing speed regarding our departure to Uganda in two weeks. There are a number of bonds to sever. Symbolically, I continued uprooting myself this morning by taking several bagfuls of clothes and shoes out to be tossed or recycled. The sense of separation from what has been is intensified by things less related to the move. This afternoon, we're officially buying a lot for a future summer cottage, becoming real estate owners. A huge step in... a direction. Two hours ago, I had the first post-surgery control for my right eye which was operated a month ago for vision correction (see posts from 8.9. to 13.9.). With the doctor, we spent most of the 15 minutes talking about ethnocentrism and politics in Africa. Matters regarding a different type of vision.

I'm turning into a different person. In 2001, I had no personal experience of marriage, teacher's work, regular income, laptops, reactive infections, Asians, grad schools, digital photography, cars with an automatic gearbox, American universities, or blogging, among other things. A lot has changed already, but I'm anticipating a further acceleration of this process now that so many things will be concretely left behind. It seems there's no going back to the life of meditative running twice a day on dark, snowy roads.

Old Ones
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helmikuuta 2005
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heinäkuuta 2005
elokuuta 2005
syyskuuta 2005
lokakuuta 2005
marraskuuta 2005
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